Board Guidelines

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Board Guidelines

Posting Guidelines
The Following Is Not Allowed.
- Personal correspondence not originating on NextGFX forums (instant messages or emails)
- Pornography or sexual material
- Illegal material (music, warez, CD cracks/codes, or otherwise)
- Discussion of how to obtain software illegally
- Hate speech (including racism, sexism, etc.)
- Profanity
- Personal threats to staff or users.
- Hacks, cracks, mods or other forms of PC/Xbox alterations used for or possibly used for gaining an advantage in game play

Attempting to impersonate any person, including staff, using forged headers, instant messenger names or similar usernames in an effort to deceive or mislead is prohibited.

NextGFX does not tolerate person attacks as determined by forum moderators, whether public or private, towards user or staff. You may not use terms or audio/visual materials referring to ethnic/national origin, ideological/religious beliefs, gender, or sexual preference in a demeaning context.

--If there is a new thread under "Latest News", members are asked to post a reply to the thread stating their opinion to the subject of the thread. That is, of course, unless asked not to by and administrator.

--All members are asked to welcome new people to nextgfx in the "Introductions" forum.
--In "General Discussion", "Games", and "Computing", you are not asked to post, but please do if the topic really interests you and and/or you have something to add to the conversation.
--In the "Marketplace", the ball is in your court.

--In the "Requests" forum, please do not post unless you are requesting a signature or if you are the designer picking up the request. You may request only two tags per month.
--In the "Pickup" forum, you are more than welcome to post, commenting on the signature made by the designer to fufil a request.

--In any of the Resources forums, feel free to comment on any tutorial or a product of a tutorial.

--In the "Renders" and "Premium Renders" forums, you may post renders you have done or renders someone else has done with permission of the renderer. Feel free to comment on the renders too.
--In the "Render Request" section, you may ask if for somebody to find a certain render for you or to render a picture you already posses.

--In the "Graphic Showoff" section, you are expected to post feedback to all of the sigs you see, whether it be a detailed opinion or just a rating, that is your decision.
-If you like the sig, post saying so, ect.
-If you hate the sig, post why, ect.
-If you couldnt care less, post why not, ect.
--In "Art Center", just browse around. same rules apply as in "Graphic showoff".
--In "Web templates" and "Forum Skinning", the ball is in your court.

--In either of the three battle leagues (abl, vbl, or pbl), you are expected to Vote on every single battle. You can vote in any league, no matter what league you are in. You should also battle every once in a while.

--In "Official Contests", check out all of the cool contests NextGFX is hosting. Many of them offer great prises.
--In "SOTW" , you DAMNED WEll BETTER READ and vote on all of the current SOTW's, there is a new sotw every friday. You should also congradulate past winners and enter your own sigs into it. This really is important, if we get 25+ entries per week, we can start giving out prizes such as web hosting.

--Its pretty obvious...

NextGFX Help
--Any question you may have, post em here. If you know the answer to someone's question, please do post and answer it.

If the above rules are not followed, you will be subject to being banned from NextGFX. If you are banned, you are not permitted to register any other accounts with NextGFX. You are not permitted to use NextGFX in any manner until your ban is lifted.