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Topics I've Started

  1. I'm Laughing

    Posted 13 Apr 2009

    I'm not racist, but this just made me giggle.
  2. Installing Brushes

    Posted 13 Apr 2009

    Just a small tutorial on how to install Brushes. This may already be known by most member's but i'm sure some time down the track someone will use it.

    Our First Step is to open the folder where you saved the Brush File (Abr.) Too.

    Open the Folder.

    Now we will locate where to put the brush file. Open My Computer > Program Files > Adobe.

    Than we will go into Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Or What Version Your Using) This will bring us to a screen like this.

    This is the presets folder, this is where all the resources for adobe photoshop are kept.

    Now, Open Presets, and You'll see a file called Brushes. It's pretty much self explainitory from here onwards, but too keep thing's short open the Brushes Folder and drag and drop your Brush File (Abr.) Into there.

  3. Reflection Tutorial

    Posted 12 Apr 2009

    A little nice and easy tutorial, with a great result.

    Step One Make a white canvas and type your text.

    Step Two Duplicate the Text.

    Step Three Right Click on the Duplicated Text Layer And Click "Rasterize Type".

    Step Four

    Now, go into Edit > Transform > Flip Verticle.

    Step Five

    Now, go back into Edit > Transform but this time click "Perspective" .

    Step Six

    Now, drag one side out till you get the result you like.

    That' s all! Hopefully you should have something along the lines of this.

  4. Tutorial - Button :]

    Posted 12 Apr 2009

    Well, i can't upload this in the Tutorial's Area, due to i don't have priveledges. -Sigh-

    First of we want to create a new document - Sizing 164 x 50 This is totaly up to you.

    First Step, We will create a rounded rectangle, fill this rectangle with the colour you'd like your bar to be. I will be using black which is #000000 (Enter this in the Colour Area) - Set the radius to 5px on the top toolbar.

    We should now, have something like this.

    Now, we will apply the following styles.

    Adding - Outer Glow

    Adding - Stroke

    Now we will create an rounded rectangle, with the radius of 5px. This one will be the reflection shape, so it is going to be positioned at the top, also it will be smaller. I used White for the colour of this shape.

    Now, click the Add to vector mask button on the bottom of the layers palette.

    Now, change the foreground and background to White and Black, so we can create a gradient. Right Click the layer, and click Gradient Overlay.

    Now it's time to add text to our Button. Add what ever text you like, the rest is self explainitory.

    End Result.

    PSD File, Can Be Downloaded Via PMing Me.

  5. Photoshop Help! (Please View)

    Posted 11 Apr 2009

    Just reformatted, i put photoshop onto my flash drive and put it back onto my pc. But when i open photoshop, it opens and closes like almost instantly. :/

    Anyone have a solution to fix it? I'm have cravings to use photoshopp..

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