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    Posted 13 Sep 2009

    So I'm in my last english class in college and it is titled English 219 - Technical Writing for Business Students. So it is a writing class for Business students and my professor says that we need to practice with email writing instead of using MS Word because thats what most of our real world shit will be like. So Im there writing a few page proposal and when I go to send it, it doesnt send. Im like wtf? So I try to send it again, still nothing. I look at the top of the browser and get the "Program is not responding" bullshit. The email didnt send and Im going to have to start that shit all over again. Just wanted to let out some steam FUCKKKKKKKKK
  2. Madden 10

    Posted 14 Aug 2009

    Anyone getting this tomorrow/today guys? If so hit me up on xbl!!!

    GT: Evil Concept <-- gay i know i didnt even mean to have it
  3. New NextGFX idea

    Posted 12 Aug 2009

    I think it would be cool if we had 1-2 members/staff of NextGFX to be in-charge of a new feature to the showcase forum -- A Work of the Week sub-forum. The member(s) in charge would choose any piece of art and showcase it in the subforum. He would than do a 1-3 paragraph analysis stating why he chose the particular piece of work and go into certain details that he liked; for example the depth, composition, lighting, etc. Another statement he could make would be other arts in that week that he considered to win "Work of the Week."

    This could also help bring some more activity to the forum by new and elder users by not having to enter any specific competition manually, and giving an opportunity for all users to feel anxious for the next work of the week (since all members that post their work in the showcase are eligible to win.

    Here is an example of how it could look.

    Thread Title: Work of the Week (April 17-24)

    Artists taken into consideration: Crazzy Duck, Union Jack, Freak, Corruption, AceOfSpades


    Posted Image

    Congratulation Ace for winning this weeks work of the week!

    I love everything from the structure, colors, and text placement/usage. Ace really made this tag work which a lot of artists had trouble doing with same render that he used. The overall effect was amazing and it is hard to find anything wrong with the overall placement and feel to the tag.

    Probably my favorite overall aspect from ALL of ace's sigs including this one. From the blurred lighting in the left background going onto the left of his head, to the darker, more mysterious right side of the sig, the lighting is incredible.

    I'm not exactly sure what the original image/render was or how it looked, but Ace seemed to have made a boring image into one of his best works yet. Everything that he put into the tag is there for a reason and he did a fantastic job in portraying the mysterious, dark look that he attempted to go for.

    Again, congratulations Ace and see you guys next week.
  4. dear ace

    Posted 22 Jul 2009

    Maybe this can help change your mind about Mayer
  5. How to confuse an idiot

    Posted 7 Jun 2009

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